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Why Not Use SAS/PRESENTS Software Instead...?

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Most of the papers at SUGI and other SAS® conferences are presented using Microsoft PowerPoint, and a few more are presented with Lotus Freelance Graphics. Both presentation tools are very powerful, and can produce very impressive final results, but both suffer from the same flaw when presenting SAS papers: They are not compatible with the SAS System! In version 6.12 SAS/EIS® software now includes its own presentation tool, SAS/PRESENTS® software, which, while it is nowhere near as comprehensive a presentation tool as its rivals, is totally integrated into the SAS System, allowing SAS programs to be demonstrated seamlessly with little impact on memory as only one application needs to be in use, the SAS System. This paper describes and demonstrates some of the uses and limitations of this new component of SAS/EIS software, so that, in the future, more papers will be presented using SAS/PRESENTS software.

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