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The background idea for this article started as an observation on my talk page that there is a convention on this wiki that SAS keywords should be capitalised. I have made a couple of other suggestions about the titles that I would welcome comment about. One is the practical issue of having (mostly) lower case titles that can be used directly in wiki links as written. Another is about biblographic references. I have also dealt with the issue of using punctuation and symbols and the fact that these may not work as expected. Also, this is started as a work in progress as I expect others will want to contribute their suggestions or point out something I have omitted or overlooked. I look forward to any other issues or suggestions that people think are important. - Cameron (talk) 17:48, 25 April 2014 (CDT)

Registered trademark symbol in titles

I notice that some article titles include the registered trademark symbol (®), particularly in combination with the letters SAS, such as SAS®. However, the usage is not consistent. As I understand it, use of the ® symbol is optional and is a decision that should be made by the trademark owner in order to notify others of their interest in the trademark. (See ) Use of the ® symbol by a third party is not so clear. However, the ® symbol must not be used if a trademark is not registered.

While it is fine to have SAS® as a title for an article, I am not so sure about including the ® symbol in a longer title. To me, it is not clear what including the ® symbol in the title is intended to do. Does it really just mean that the preceeding word is a registered trademark, or is it implying that the whole title is a registered trademark?. And how can I tell the difference? When the ® symbol is used in other documents there is normally a statement in the document about what is and is not a registered trademark. That is not usually the case for article titles where the ® symbol is used. Consequently, I believe the ® symbol should only appear in titles where it follows exactly the same usage as the SAS Institute does in its publications. If there are alternatives where the ® symbol appears in one case but is omitted in another then the ® symbol should be omitted. - Cameron (talk) 05:40, 16 January 2015 (CST)